I have only seen two episodes of Republic of Doyle, the plot of which could be summarised as: hugely improbable events occur, lead character takes off his shirt for no apparent reason, Paul Gross/Gordon Pinsent appear and “ACT” (the inverted commas signify the raised eyebrows and sinister growls that denote how very evil they are), events are resolved without bloodshed or any notable character/story arc.  That’s not a criticism - it’s the perfect after-a-long-day-at-the-coal-face watch.  

This is in contrast to the other things I have been watching of late to catch up on the “quality” drama I missed in 2013 - The Fall, Top of the Lake and The Escape Artist, which collectively had more rapes, murders and angst-inducement than I have subjected myself to in a long time.  No wonder I haven’t been sleeping well…

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    Paul Gross with scruff? Yummy.
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    I swear to god Gordon Pinsent hasn’t aged. He just got furrier.
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    I’m thinking maybe there is time in my life for this show after all
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  10. sproid said: You know, I’ve seen posts about Republic of Doyle here and there, and it’s never really leapt out at me as being something I want to watch. But then you mention Acting and Eyebrows and Growls and Evilness, and suddenly I’m curious ;)
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